Vini e Capricci goes on an Adventure to South Africa

Vini e Capricci in collaboration with Meerendal Wine Estate in South Africa organised an unforgettable trip for some of Vini e Capricci’s clientele. The trip included a range of exciting activities that showcased the best of what South Africa has to offer.

Exploring South Africa

The group managed to experience the thrill of a lifetime with a safari game drive, as they witnessed some of Africa’s most incredible wildlife in their natural habitat. From lions and elephants to giraffes and zebras, it was a unique opportunity where they got up close and personal with these majestic creatures. Additionally, during the trip they also experienced cage diving with sharks, an exhilarating activity that left them in awe of the incredible creatures that inhabit the ocean.

Other activities included visits to botanic gardens, where they were able to see South Africa’s diverse flora up close. As well as using a cable car to go to the top of Table Top Mountain and a helicopter ride where the group could take in the stunning panoramic views of the city below.

Grape Harvesting and Dinner under the Stars

They were treated to other unforgettable experiences, like wine tasting at Meerendal Wine Estate where they savoured some of their finest wines. Their vineyards also offered the perfect setting for a delightful dinner under the stars, providing a unique and memorable dining experience.

On another day the group also participated in grape harvesting at Meerendal and were taught about the winemaking process, and ended the day with dinner along with tribal dance performances.


The trip was an experience that showcased the incredible beauty and diversity of South Africa. The perfect blend of adventure, relaxation and indulgence was provided, leaving the group with memories that will last a lifetime.