The Butchery

Renowned Reputation

When it comes to meats; Abraham’s has a renowned reputation for providing high-quality tender cuts, so it is no surprise we are popular with trade clients (restaurants throughout the Maltese islands) and with our regular retail customers.

Luke Said manages our Butchery section at Abraham’s and spent years undergoing extensive training, also in restaurant kitchens in Northern Italy; learning techniques of preparing and preserving meats and now brings this expertise knowledge of butchery and charcuterie to our family business.

Quality Assured

At Abraham’s we have an extensive facility on site which allows us to ‘hang’, treat and age our meats. Our staff have the assurance when serving our customers of knowing and understanding the quality, history and integrity of our meat products.

A Cut Above the Rest

Our beef is initially hung and then placed in our special ‘dry ager’. This has a remarkable effect on the look and flavour of the beef; ensuring the meat is well-rested, it concentrates the flavour and increases its tenderness. We also exclusively import Fassona Piemontese from a specialist artisan butcher in Piemonte in North West Italy. This unique breed of cattle, all born and bred in Italy and reared using the same principles as half a century ago – gives a supreme-quality meat, which is tender and lean. We age our pork loins and cuts in a similar way to our beef, maximizing the tenderness and taste. Our meat counter stocks an extensive range of meat products and cuts which have been hung, smoked or made by our team on site; such as our unique recipe sausages, salamis, smoked bacon, cured porks, local ribeye and beef brisket.