Reception and Marketing Assistant

Front house reception duties required:

  • Answering telephones and directing calls to the appropriate departments;
  • Preparation for upcoming meetings within the Company, greeting clients that come to the Executive Office
  • Scheduling meetings for Executives and record in their Agenda
  • Also assisting in filing for the various departments
  • Be responsible for Office Supplies
Marketing duties:
  • Assisting the Marketing Executive with Events, and occasionally required to work some evenings
  • Replying to Emails and Restaurant / Shop Reviews
  • Help with specific Campaigns
  • Help with the Packaging and Display of the Products on the Shop Floor
  • Be responsible for visiting the out of town Suppliers, i.e scheduling transportation, accommodation, etc.
  • Wordpress skill is preferred
  • Design and Photoshop Experience is a bonus.
We will train the right candidates for some of the above requirements. Candidate must be living in Gozo.Please send a detailed resume to

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Store Administration Assistant

Store Administration Assistant (reporting to the Store Manager)To be responsible for:

  • Truck Reconciliation, i.e. check that invoices match with cash/cheque intake
  • Check Orders and reconcile any Credit Note/s that need to be issued
  • Report any discrepancies in Orders received or missing
  • Work with the Logistics Department to keep track of Orders / Shipments, incoming and outgoing
We are looking for a dedicated person to work with an exciting, forward-looking Company, and willing and committed to joining a dedicated team.Computer skills required. Able to communicate in English and have good people skills. Company is willing to train the right candidate for this position.Please send your resume in detail to

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