Sax under the Stars VII: A Night of Melody


The much-anticipated annual event, Sax under the Stars, unfolded last Saturday evening, filling the air with melodious tunes and creating memories that will resonate for years to come. While unforeseen weather challenges led to a last minute change in venue from the Xwejni Salt Pans to the historic Citadel in Victoria, Gozo, the spirit of the event remained unwavering, and attendees were treated to an unforgettable experience.

Culinary Delights

As the sun dipped below the horizon, attendees gathered at the Citadel, creating an ambiance of excitement and anticipation. The event commenced with an exquisite apperitivo and drinks session, where friends, old and new, mingled and exchanged stories. Culinary delights graced the tables as the courses were served, a true feast for the senses. The delectable spread showcased the rich flavours and culinary expertise, adding a gastronomic layer to the evening’s festivities.

An Evening of Melodies

The line-up of live performances was a tapestry of musical excellence, harmonising an unforgettable sonic journey. The evening opened with the soulful sounds of Sarah Bonnici and her band, setting the tone for the night ahead. Baritone Charles Buttigieg continued to captivate the audience with his magnetic stage presence and musical prowess. The crescendo of the night came with the much-anticipated performance by Michele Lazzarini, a virtuoso saxophonist hailing from Italy. His saxophone melodies intertwined with the captivating voice of Singer Cinzia Carraturo and the skilful piano-playing of Nunzio Adragna, resulting in a symphony of emotions that left the audience mesmerized.

A Thank you to guests and sponsors

To each and every guest who graced the event with their presence, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your smiles, laughter, and shared conversations created an atmosphere of togetherness that was felt by all. We also extend our heartfelt thanks to those who travelled from near and far, adjusting their plans to join us for this special evening. Your commitment to being a part of the celebration did not go unnoticed, and we are deeply honoured to have had you with us, your support fuels our passion to continue creating memorable experiences year after year. A heartfelt thank you to the Gozo Ministry and Cultural Heritage directors for their incredible generosity in allowing us to host “Sax under the Stars” at the Citadel on such short notice. And finally, a special acknowledgment goes to the sponsors whose contributions elevated the event to new heights. Thank you Beppino Occelli and Ghidetti for the delicious cheese they provided and Champagne Devaux, Distillerie Berta, Michele Chiarlo, Quinta do Crasto, and Vini Franchetti for the beverages, your generosity in providing food and beverages added to the event’s allure, ensuring that every guest was treated to a sensory delight.


As the final notes of music echoed through the night, Sax under the Stars VII came to a close, leaving a trail of memories and a sense of unity that transcends time and space. Until next year’s edition taking place on the 3rd of August 2024, the echoes of Sax under the Stars will linger, a reminder of an evening where music, resilience, and togetherness converged under the celestial canopy.