Pageant of the Bizzare: SANATIZE THIS | Photography Exhibition by Hush Studios

The contemporary environment is awash with images and videos that provide a glimpse into the everyday lives of friends and strangers alike, most of which can be lost in the plethora of constant media bombardment, as increasingly everyone is consumed with the control of their personal brand and identity in the search for belonging and understanding. In doing this, so much of what we view just begins to look the same.

Through the public’s ever increasing openness to engage with the cultural phenomenon of social media there is a willingness and motivation to be recorded by someone all the time. The past decade has enabled and encouraged a code of subtle behaviours and in general, people will be highly organised in pre-determining and controlling their public image, a bit like a media savvy, quasi-celebrity – this may be consciously or unwittingly, but regardless, your mum, your grandpa, your boss, your kids and your neighbours, everyone….EVERYONE are all at it. We are all at it, determining our polished public message and deciphering the “slick” communications of our virtual networks.

For me, as someone who likes to tell stories through photos of people, this has presented an interesting and evolving challenge in seeking out the opportunities to capture genuine, of the moment images, without being seduced by the wider landscape or the model subject. I really relish taking photos of social interaction and human nature and Carnival after dark in Nadur, Gozo provides a space where we can move beyond the Instagramesque imagery that repeats itself on our social media streams, televisions and billboard lined roads. And that, is basically what this is all about. People having fun, getting creative, being themselves, whilst being someone else and in the year that Carnival went dark, this is my ticket to get you all a little closer to Carnival this year.

Thank you, be safe, and stay healthy

Exhibition held in our Vinoteca Livio Felluga and open daily from 9AM to 6PM.