Measures taken regarding Covid-19

Measures taken regarding Covid-19:

  • Signs around the entire premises, including stores, offices, shops, restrooms and lifts
  • Ensuring that all our staff members have a clean bill of health
  • Our top priority was and will always be to maintain an excellent level of hygiene -> all surfaces are cleansed throughout the entire day with anti-bacterial solution
  • Office equipment is constantly wiped with anti-bacterial wipes
  • Face-to-face meetings are being limited

We shall keep the general public updated on measures that may arise. 

We would like to inform the general public, that if you may feel unwell, or you have not surpassed your quarantine period, kindly postpone your bookings. Let’s respect the emerging rules and guidance from healthcare professionals and the Government and safeguard ourselves, our loved ones and our community.


Abraham’s Team.