La Via del Tè I Costellazioni Capricornus 100 gr. Tin



La Via del Tè has developed for each Zodiac sign a special tea blend, reflecting the different personalities and favourite flavors.

Those born under the sign of Capricorn (December 22- January 20, ruled by the planet Saturn and linked to the Earth element) are loyal, patient and responsible. For them, sometimes introverted people, a fragrant blend perfectly capable of satisfying their inclination for simplicity but refinement: semi-oxidized Oolong tea, enriched by petals of marigold and mallow. The delicate cream-like flavour, makes this tea perfect to give to the hard worker Capricorn a sweet break. Capricornus is the Latin name of the sign.


Chinese half-oxidized tea, flavours, marigold and mallow flowers.