Seminars & Conferences

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The Media Centre is a striking, high specification, modern room located on top of Vini e Capricci store. Whether you are planning a conference, small meeting, training session or seminar our range of modern facilities in a convenient location can meet your needs.

The Media Centre can accommodate up to 100 delegates standing and 60 seated, with facilities for film, sound and video presentation. This, combined with a team of onsite technical expertise, ensures world-class delivery.

We offer extremely flexible catering arrangements for conferences. Coffee and tea, with biscuits or cakes, can be served in The Media Centre or a cold buffet lunch. Various menus are available on request, food preparation is all done in The Media Centre kitchen and you can even watch our chefs on the TV screens.

We pride ourselves on the highest level of service, always attentive without being intrusive. Your conference and event will have a dedicated manager who will be involved from the first meeting and will be drawn from our highly-qualified team to ensure that your event is a complete success.

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Area: 90m2 Maximum

Capacity: 100 standing, 60 seated

Location: 1st Floor

Facilities: Wi-Fi, Cordless Mic, Cordless Headset, HDMI TV, Live Camera Presentation

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Our Theme Tastings

ThemeTastings is about wine exploration. We offer wine tastings for private parties and corporate entertainment in a range of formats tailored to suit the occasion. Our wine tastings are innovative and fun, pitched at a level that ensures everyone learns something new, and has a good time.

With a range of packages available ranging from 10 to 100 guests, Vini e Capricci tailor wine tasting events to suit your needs.