Introducing Jura Wines – Domaine des Carlines

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Event Date: Friday, 22nd July 2022 - Friday, 22nd July 2022
Start Time: 07:30 PM | End Time: 11:55 PM

Please join us in welcoming Jura Wine at Vini e Capricci as we dive deep into Domaine des Carlines

We will also have the opportunity to welcome Patrick and Sophie Ligeron in the Island of Gozo.

Date: Friday, 22nd July, 2022
Time: 7:30PM
Venue: Vini e Capricci Outdoor Area
Price: €50 per head

For any questions you may have, kindly send an email to or call on +356 21563231


Domaine des Carlines is located in the tiny village of Menétru-le Vignoble, part of the “Château Chalon” appellation.

This has been created by Patrick and Sophie Ligeron in 2015, when an opportunity to take over the renting of 5 hectares of vines came up.

Patrick Ligeron being born in Jura and, with his wife Sophie, being in the wine business for a long time, they both have been looking for an opportunity to create their own Domaine in Jura for years and it finally paid off.

The Domaine is set on the best parcels from the Château Chalon appellation, spread over the 3 villages of Château-Chalon, Menétru-le Vignoble and Domblans. The Vineyard has expanded in 2018 with the acquisition of a further 6 hectares bringing the Domaine to a surface area of 11hactares. The domain owns now 10% of the total appellation of Château-Chalon, which is exceptional. The vines are between 30 to 45 years old and in perfect condition.

The vineyard is conducted into a sustainable process with the target to convert into an organic process in few years’ time. The choice has been made to maintain grass plots to avoid herbicides.