Ta’ Manann

If you have visited Vini e Capricci, you surely have met Mary Anne, or better known as Mananni, Abraham’s mother-in-law (il-kunjata). A charming woman, ready to invite and welcome anyone!

Her food is nothing short of divine. With legendary recipes across the island, Mananni took over this practice from her mother, from the very young age of 11, a practice which has been handed down from one generation to another.

“During the 70’s, I emigrated to Australia and even if being so far away from my homeland, I made sure I’d keep these traditions that made me feel at home”.

Mananni’s story brought a new idea to the Company, that would help us represent our family value within the organisation by means of her traditional cooking.

This new line of products comprise of ‘Qassatat’, ‘Torot’, and ‘Ftajjar’ ta’ Manann, thus a variety of Maltese recipes and seasonal specialties.

This genuine produce, is not only made with a lot of dedication but also continues to build on the concept of local produce and our already introduced local brand Ogygia.

If you’re keen to taste this home made produce, keep yourselves updated – these will be launched this week!

Photography: Hush Studios