Elena Fucci | Titolo Aglianico Del Vulture 2014 1.5l



Titolo of Elena Fucci is a great wine growing in the South. Elena Fucci, winemaker and vigneron leads his company in 2004, showing great enthusiasm and expertise truly commendable. Titolo is the only bottle produced by the winery, a very clear choice that shows the great meticulousness and Elena Fucci family. The road taken in the early twenty-first century, totally focused on the quality of wines, has paid off: Titolo is really a wine class, with a great personality and a fine complex aromas. Elena Fucci is the best face of the new Italian viticulture, a vigneron brave that he inherited from his grandfather Generoso love for their land and the passion for the daily work between the rows. In fact, the vineyard has always been the center of all the work of the family Fucci, who has chosen the path of organic management since the grandfather Generoso. Elena has been able to give a touch of originality to the company and the decision to produce a single type of wine has proved successful: a great Aglianico and a punchy name, Titolo, which is imprinted in the minds of all fans. And the memory can not be that of a great wine, confirming the great skill of Elena Fucci.

Deep and intense ruby red
Deep and engaging with intense aromas of plum, juniper berries, roots and mineral notes, all finished with a beautiful ethereal note
Load and structured, with significant extractive alcoholic, fresh and tannic size, with an endless persistence

Grape Variety Aglianico Del Vulture
Origin Basilicata
%Volume 14%

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