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Originally from Sardinia, this 2 cm long striped shell-shaped pasta is the most used one when it comes to important events like historical commemorations, village celebrations, festivals and weddings. The simplicity of this pasta, deriving from the dough made with the best durum wheat semolina and water, bronze drawn and dried at low temperature, matches a wide range of condiments. The classic recipe is “alla Campinadese”, which is prepared with a condiment based on Sardinia’s sausage ragù, sautéed in extra virgin olive oil with chopped onion, tomato, saffron threads and grated Sardinia’s cheese. There are also several vegetable-based condiments to be combined with, such as the classic “broccoli and sausage” and a delicate pesto with spinach, almonds, Extra virgin olive oil and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Cooking time: 11-13 minutes.