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Once harvested, the grapes are sorted on a manual sorting table and then de-stemmed. The grapes follow a refrigerating process where they are cooled down to a temperature of 5ºC. This is the optimum temperature for the grape to rest during a maceration process of around eight hours. After maceration, the grape is pressed and the must extracted and put into stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature of 18ºC. Once the fermentation is over the wine is racked to eliminate any solids.
Recommended Serving Temperature 10ºC

Greenish yellow colour, bright and clean with good intensity.

Extraordinarily aromatic, with great depth and elegance. Wide and flavoursome, it gives off a series of aromas which are subtle yet fragile. The primary aromas of the grape take precedence.

Fresh with a certain syrupy feel. Sufficient acidity to keep it lively and flavoursome without losing its special delicateness for some time. Satisfying retronasal which is elegant and complete. Floral touches are combined with freshly peeled fruit.

Food and wine pairing
Rice fish, Crustaceans, Rice salads, Pasta salads, Vegetable salads, Fresh / youth, Seafood sauce, Molluscan shell, Pasta with marinara sauce, Bluefish, Whitefish, Fish light, Fish with sauce, Splash and dressings

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