Michele Chiarlo | ‘La Court Vigna Veja’ Barbera D’Asti 2016



La Court Vigna Veja is a special Nizza wine.

From the oldest vines dated 1971 of the La Court Estate, it is a very limited production (approx. 3000 bottles).

The fermentation is long, two years in wood barrels and two years in the bottle to produce this majestic Nizza, which is only released after four years.

It is a harmonius, fruity and spicy wine, with a great lenght.

The design of Vigna Veja is the work of Ugo Nespolo, the king of the Pop Art artists. After creating the “Porta” entrance, an imposing passageway to the vineyards of La Court, his love for Barbera made him return to give our Nizza a new look, “typically Nespolo

Grape Variety Nebbiolo
Origin Piemonte
%volume 14%

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