Medulla Agrumino | Mavi Drinks | 70cl



It is a pure coincidence that today everyone can taste the precious Medulla Agrumino.

This tasty liqueur is the result of an ancient family recipe, whose origin is lost in the stories of the Di Costanzo family, from the small island of Procida, well known for its sailors and its fragrant citrus.

The original recipe was developed at the end of the ’40s by Mrs. Sofia di Costanzo, who made it for her family, and saved the details on a small book that has never been found.

Until the 60s, the family was able to appreciate this elixir made of the infusion of several citrus fruits from Procida, but no one of the descendants of Mrs. Di Costanzo has ever knew about the exact recipe and the secrets of this liqueur. They thought it was lost forever.

In the mid-90s, during a dinner time attended by the expert sommelier and liqueur lover Mr. Antonio Aversano – owner of the famous restaurant Don Salvatore in Mergellina, Napoli – as often happened during these dinners, Mrs Giacinta, daughter of Sofia Di Costanzo together with her husband Armando Avallone, started talking about the taste of the Agrumino, attracting all the participants and stimulating their imagination.

A few days after the dinner, Armando Avallone got in touch with the sommelier Antonio Aversano and together, using an ancient family recipe book, tried to develop a review of the historic family recipe. The first attempts were unsuccessful, the liqueur was certainly pleasant but far from the original recipe. The construction of the recipe became a torment for Armando and his wife; she had a sudden flash: it lacked a small and characteristic citrus fruit of the Island of Procida, today cultivated exclusively in very few private gardens. And definitely they could try again the emotion of the old family recipe.

Today the Agrumino is one of the top sellers in the Medulla collection, a high alcohol product with a low sugar content, which is handcrafted by the careful selection of 5 green citrus fruits hand-picked on the Island of Procida. This precious nectar is enclosed in an elegant bottle with a paper label and a wooden cap.

Alcohol 43% Volume.