Culatello Con Cotenna app 200g. Chiapella (Piemonte, Italia)

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Culatello con Cotenna, a cured meat created from the most precious parts of Parma prosciutto. A hidden secret that enchantingly characterises the Parmasean terroritry, a land known for fog and autumnal climates. The sultry summers and a closeness to the golden Po river creates an ideal atmosphere for the gradual aging of this fine Italian delicacy.
Culatello con Cotenna is created using meat from the thigh of an adult pig, raised with careful attention to nutrition. The meat is then processed according to age-old methodologies that have been passed down for generations, including: the cut, the salting process, up until the aging that give this product its unique and distinctive taste.
From the delicately sweet flavour to the vivid red color, the product is easily digestible, and ideal for any diet.
Still today, in the old Osterias of the Parmesan lowlands, the Culatello con Cotenna is served with a certain ceremonious calm, accompanied by curls of soft butter, home-made bread, and a good Lambrusco.

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