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Cantina Lavis | Muller Thurgau | 75cl



Arrived in Trentino in the middle of the last century, Müller Thurgau expresses itself in an excellent way in the hilly slopes of Meano and in the porphyritic soils of the Cembra Valley. The use of cutting-edge technologies that exclude contact with oxygen in all phases of the winemaking process allows the aromatic component to be preserved, raising the value of this variety.

The bright straw yellow color shines in the glass. On the nose there are inviting fruity hints of green apple and lychee in balance with floral essences that recall lily of the valley and jasmine. Rich and harmonious on the palate, it surprises with a particularly sapid and structured sip.


Soups such as barley soup, fish – exceptional with trout alla meunière – and goat cheeses.

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