Our Food Story 19 | Irish Solstice Coffee

An Irish Solstice Coffee is one of the nicest coffee cocktails you will try and it’s the perfect drink to try from home this festive season.

You will need:
50ml Boatyard Winter Solstice Gin
60ml filter coffee
10ml muscavado syrup
Double Cream
Nutmeg to grate on top

So first of all heat up your best Irish Coffee glass. We then like to add Winter Solstice, warm coffee and muscavado syrup and give a gentle stir. Once it all settles, add your cream on top by pouring this on the back of a spoon just above the liquid in your glass. Finally garnish with either grated nutmeg or Boatyard Chocolate just on top of the cream.

*Muscavado Syrup:
Add 2 cups of muscavado sugar to a saucepan along with 1 cup of warm water. Put this on a low heat until the sugar completely dissolves. Allow this to cool and there you have it.