Wine Tasting and Gourmet Sampling at Vini e Capricci! Saturday 8th July!

Event Date: Saturday, 8th July 2017 - Thursday, 1st January 1970
Start Time: 11:00 AM | End Time: 02:00 PM



Gérard Bertrand

Prima Nature Syrah

This Syrah has a wonderful, deep red colour and aromas of ripe fruits with delicate hints of liquorice.
This Wine is generous, well-structured and blessed with a superior aromatic complexity.

Gérard Bertrand

Prima Nature Chardonnay

This wine is blessed with a beautiful, light robe shot through with flashes of gold.

A Chardonnay which is fresh, and elegant with delicious hints of white flowers and citrus scents.


Chateau Baffort  

Bernard Magrez


Attractive structure, with all the roundness of Merlot, and the bouquet and structure of Cabernet sauvignon. A rich and lively palate.

Food Sampling


Toma Nostrale. Beppino Occelli

Produced with raw cow’s milk, this is a cheese characteristic of this area. Its rustic traits are guarantee of typical mountain cheeses. Over time its delicate flavour becomes stronger with aromas recalling herbs and meadow flowers. In country cooking it was also used to season and enrich poor dishes such as polenta. A good, even young, Dolcetto is the ideal wine for this type of cheese.

Salsiccia Fresca Salcis


Pecorino Stravecchio Monnalisa Salcis