Wine Tasting and Gourmet Sampling at Vini e Capricci! Saturday 24th June 2017

Event Date: Saturday, 24th June 2017 - Thursday, 1st January 1970
Start Time: 11:00 AM | End Time: 02:00 PM

Tasting Notes


Livio Felluga Illivio

Appearance: intense straw yellow

Nose: intense, penetrating, set on freshness. Hints of cherry plum and orange blossom, candied citron, white pepper, garden cress combined with confectionery mint and cardamom notes.

Palate: fresh and firm with intriguing sapidity; hints of gooseberry, medlar and bergamot orange blend in notes ganache and licorice root.

Livio Felluga Refosco

Appearance: intense ruby red, almost impenetrable with violet reflections

Nose: red berry fruits, dried dark fig, sour cherry and cocoa beans; with intriguing nuances of Mediterranean spices & incense, moss and tobacco.

Palate: firm and striking, with pleasant tannins; notes of oat flakes, char-grilled meat, coffee truffle.


Livio Felluga Friulano

Appearance: bright yellow with wonderful greenish reflections

Nose: rich and multifaceted, with floral and tropical notes of oleander blossoms, elder, ash and plum, layered with gooseberry, guava and kiwi; a white rose accent, holly sprouts, honey and custard ice cream.

Palate: full, fresh and savory, the tannins will continue to be pleasant; it has hints of apricot, kiwi, goji, cranberry, medlar, almond milk, coriander and a balsamic note of mallow.

Food Sampling


Filetto al Barolo Chiapella


Typical seasoned product derived from pork liver. The barolo fillet has been recognized by the Piedmont Region as a PAT “Traditional Agri-Food Product”, strictly produced in our area. The pig livers, after being selected, are degreased and treated with care and delicacy. Then salting is done by massaging it to “dry” with sea salt several times and for several days. The lonza is then “drowned” in the Barolo DOCG wine;Rest intervals and massages until total absorption of wine.
The product is then stuffed in a gut and dried and seasoned in optimum temperature and humidity so as to favor the typical organoleptic qualities of the product. It is great tasted only or accompanied by a string of extra virgin olive oil.

Occelli al Pepe nero e Bacche rosa

Produced from sheep’s and cow’s milk, Occelli al Pepe Nero e Bache Rosa ages for at least four months in the cellars of Valcasotto where it matures on boards of wood of this valley. In the body, grains of black and pink pepper enrich the range of its flavours and aromas

Parmigiano Reggiano Gennari 90 mesi


We have accepted a challenge: to bring our parmesan maturation to 90 months…

This is our new born; its structure can be compared to the same consistency as chocolate, breaking it in hands is broken along straight lines and precise, its appearance and uniform, smooth and shiny …..

The spicy flavor reminiscent of cocoa and points to our imagination and the intense heat of wood…..

Accompanied by a Saten Franciacorta, or Cartizze, or an old vintage Chianti…..

maybe listening to the sweet notes of the
“Va’ Pensiero “…..