Wine Tasting and Gourmet Sampling at Vini e Capricci. Saturday 22nd April

Event Date: Saturday, 22nd April 2017 - Thursday, 1st January 1970
Start Time: 11:00 AM | End Time: 02:00 PM

Tasting Notes 

  Langmeil. The Fifth Wave. Grenache

Colour: Medium depth Ruby red with pink hues.

Aroma: Dark cherry and raspberry fruits mingle with sweet spice, vanilla, hints of savoury roastiness and white pepper nuances.

Palate: Ripe, red berry fruit flows onto the palate, melding into lovely sweet and briary spice. The finish lingers on a pepper and spice note with typical chalky and youthfully firm tannins.

  Langmeil. Eden Valley Dry Riesling.

Colour: Pale straw with green hues.
Aroma: A delicate, bouquet of lime and tropical fruits, with hints

of green apple, citrus blossom and talc.

Palate: Fresh and lively, lime and Granny Smith apples tantalize the taste buds, with a zingy and zesty mouth feel and great acid balance.

Langmeil Blacksmith

Colour: Medium to deep crimson with purple hues.

Aroma: Lifted blueberries, black currants, mint and black olive dominate the aroma with lovely cedar and hints of sweet spice adding to the complexity.

Palate: Bright and juicy berry fruits coat the palate and mingle with brambly spice, hints of black olive and anise. Medium to full body with velvety, fine, grape and oak tannins add to the structure and flow onto the long, fruitful and spicy finish.

Sampling Notes

  Coppiette di Suino. Cioli 

Coppiette represent a typical culinary product within the Lazio region.
They are made of pork fillet which is cut into stripes and seasoned with salt, pepper, chilli pepper, and fennel. Next they are dried in specific cells to intensify the flavour.
It is a savoury yet spicy product perfect with a glass of good red wine and it can be served as an appetizer or as an aperitif.

Serving size: 100gr
Calories 254 Kcal – 1063 Kjl
Protein 46.9% (Nx6.25)
Humidity 42.70%
Ashes 2.70%
Total Carbohydrate 0.50%
Fats 7.20%
Nitrites absent mg/kg Na NO2
Nitrates 25 mg/kg Na NO3
 Parmigiano Reggiano Stagionato 60 mesi. Caseificio Gennari 

After 60 months the Parmigiano Reggiano is very aged, the taste is more strong and intense and the notes of spices turn out definitely predominant.

A great variety of flavours is recognizable in this cheese. The rich spicy character, with a prominent citrus taste and herbs aroma, is characteristic of its fragrant flavour, tasty but never hot.

The pale yellow colour derives from a long aging process, which leaves to this cheese a nubby texture, with the typical chip fracture.

The milk and the flavours deriving from the aging contribute to create a complex and elegant cheese to be accompanied by the sweet notes of water-melon mustard or the soft acacia honey…all linked to the magic of a good Pantelleria Passito.

The matching by opposition of the strong sensation of this cheese and of the sweetness of the liquorous wine makes this experience exciting.

 Pecorino al Pepe. Monnalisa. Salcis

From the gentle Tuscan hills a delicious cheese with black pepper.
The flavor of the cheese blends with the flavor of the black pepper,  creating an amazing aroma and taste. It’s made with fresh pasteurized sheep’s milk and it’s prepared with traditional methods, with the addition of selected enzymes.
Special to prepare starters, bruschetta, salads, to fill buns or simply enjoyed at the table with a glass of red wine.
Produced by Dairy Salcis, in the province of Siena, from sheep’s milk rigorously selected and processed according to the traditional method thus obtaining a very popular cheese.