Wine Tasting and gourmet sampling at Vini e Capricci. Saturday 18th March

Event Date: Saturday, 18th March 2017 - Thursday, 1st January 1970
Start Time: 11:00 AM | End Time: 02:00 PM

  Wine Tasting

Masi Campofiorin

Full bodied, smooth and velvety, but approachable and versatile in its food pairings. Combines simplicity with style, strength and majesty.

This is the original Supervenetian created by Masi in 1964 and internationally recognised as a wine of “stupendous body and complexity”, the prototype for a new category of wines from the Veneto inspired by the Amarone production method (Burton Anderson). Its own production method was described by Hugh Johnson as “an ingenious technique”.


Bianco Del Veneto IGT

Vineyards in Venetian lands, historic wine-producing estates, native grapes, know-how and taste passed down through the ages.

Today, these are the ingredients for authentic wines that speak of the vineyard locations and traditional styles brought up to date by Masi.

In Possessioni Bianco the intense aromas of Sauvignon are matched with the elegance of Garganega, which gives it a characteristically long aftertaste with an almond twist on the finish.

Masi Possessioni Rosso Verona 

This wine is made primarily from a blend of indigenous grape varieties – Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara. The wine has an attractive nose and spicy bouquet with good structure and complexity.

Food Sampling 

Manzo Affumicato Chiapella  


Verzin di Capra Beppino Occelli

A marbled cheese made from goat’s milk. Its texture is smooth and delightfully buttery, marked by delicate streaks of green mould. This is Beppino Occelli’s modern interpretation of the ancient and tasty alpine dairy practice of naturally marbled cheeses, using only pure goat’s milk. A strong-bodied red wine is the ideal partner for this rarity, but some also enjoy it with white aromatic wines.


Monna Lisa Pecorino Stagionato in Grotta al Tartufo

This excellent sheep’s milk cheese is produced only in Tuscany, Italy and cave aged over 120 days producing a firm cheese with greater complexity and richness having a nice, and is enhanced with the perfect flavour of aromatic black truffles. Shaved onto Fettuccine, Risotto or savour alone with any good Tuscan red wine!