Wine and Gourmet Sampling at Vini e Capricci. Saturday 9th September

Event Date: Saturday, 9th September 2017 - Thursday, 1st January 1970
Start Time: 11:00 AM | End Time: 02:00 PM

Wine Tasting

Hunter’s Chardonnay

This Jane Hunter Chardonnay opens with lemon curd, white peach and grapefruit notes on the nose with touches of struck match, ginger and baking bread. Medium-bodied, the palate delivers a wonderful intensity of stone fruit and citrus flavors with a creamy texture and lively backbone, finishing long with some mineral suggestions.”

Hunter’s Pinot Noir

“Deepish red colour, with purple tinges and a fresh cherry cough medicine type aroma. It’s bright, fresh, clean and simple to taste, with a firm and bold flavour which lacks complexities, but is well turned-out. There is some sweet fruit succulence on the palate before the tannins ride in on the finish”.

Hunter’s Gewurtztraminer

Lychee, peach and guava are the predominant aromas that make up this appealing gewürztraminer. Cinnamon spice and Turkish delight characteristics compliment these aromas to form a highly aromatic flavoursome wine with a lingering palate.

Gourmet Sampling

Occelli ® nel fieno Maggengo (in “Maggengo” first-crop hay)

This is a hard-texture cheese left to age for a few months. The wheels are wrapped in the spring hay of mountain pastures, which enhances it with the aromas and fragrances of alpine flowers.

Salame al chianti. Salcis

Salame al Chianti is a salami produced with 4 pieces of meat (shoulder, scotch, ham trimming, bacon) selected and finely ground. In addition to the pepper in grains and the traditional aromas, Chianti wine is added in proportion to the taste, which is delicate but recognizable.

Pere Caramellate. La Tosi