Wine and Gourmet Sampling at Vini e Capricci. Saturday 2nd September

Event Date: Saturday, 2nd September 2017 - Thursday, 1st January 1970
Start Time: 11:00 AM | End Time: 02:00 PM

Wine Tasting


At the sight is clear and yellow with light green reflections. At nose is very complex, fruity and floral, with hints of sage and typical notes of pineapple, white peach and hawthorn. Maintains a good level of acidity, typical of this variety, structured and well-balanced taste.


Clear, yellow with light golden reflections. At nose is complex, with typical hints of white fruits, notes of banana, pineapple. Keep the typicality of Falanghina and a good balance to the taste.

Torre a Oriente. BENVENTO IGT

Limpid, ruby red color with garnet-red shades and amaranth-red reflections. At the nose is both fruity and spicy with strong red fruits hints, mostly black cherry. The palate shows elegance, smoothness, warmth and extreme mouthfilling sensations. As most red wine grape from Southern Italy is dense and concentrated, it can age quite well and when mature will show fully but subtly fruit flavors and a certain earthiness.

Food Sampling

Blu 61. Casearia Carpenedo


TREATMENT : Pasteurized

AGING: Min. 2 months
SHELF-LIFE: 75 days

MATCHES : Dessert Wines

Soft blue cheese aged in Raboso Passito IGT wine and cranberries.
Intense and unique flavor, balanced by the sweet notes of passito wine.

-First-place winner at the competition ALMA CASEUS 2012 in the category ‘Blue cheeses’
-Degree of Excellence released by Slow Food and Onaf at the competition ‘Infiniti Blu  2013’.

Occelli ® in foglie di Castagno (in Chestnut leaves)

Produced from goat’s or sheep’s and cow’s milk in quantities that vary according to the availability of the season, this cheese is left to age for about a year and a half. The wheels are then wrapped in chestnut leaves which transform them and imbue them with a strong and exceptional flavour. It pairs well with important Langa wines but is ideal with important dark craft beer too.

Salame Crespone. Salcis