Wine and Gourmet Sampling Saturday August 19th

Event Date: Saturday, 19th August 2017 - Thursday, 1st January 1970
Start Time: 11:00 AM | End Time: 02:00 PM

Wine Tasting

Rosso di Montalcino DOC

The three doves on the Rosso di Montalcino label represent Donatella, her daughter Violante and her husband Carlo who shares with his wife a great passion for red wines.

This Rosso di Montalcino, Casato Primer Donne, is refined for at least one year in oak barrels which enhance its powerful structure.

• Grape variety:100% Sangiovese
• Ageinge:one year in oak barrels
• Colour:dark ruby red
• Aroma:hints of small red fruits, lingers at length
• Taste:intense, harmonious, reasonably warm and suitably tannic
• Serveat 18°-20° C

Sanchimento IGT Toscana Bianco

Sanchimento or rather San Clemente in medieval language, is the patron saint of the chapel at Fattoria del Colle and the same name has been given to the Vineyard surrounding it, the only one with white grapes.
It has Traminer vines, an unusual variety in Tuscany, but here it has found an ideal habitat thanks to the altitude, 404 above sea level.

• Grape Variety:Traminer
• Colour:light yellow with greenish hues
• Aroma:delicate with net floral and fruity hints
• Taste:fresh but well balanced in its acidic and alcoholic components, persistent with hints of peach and apple
• Serveat 8°- 10°C

Rosa di Tetto IGT Toscana Rosato

La Fattoria del Colle has been producing a rosé wine for the past twenty years.
Its original name was “Acqua di tetto”. When Donatella Cinelli Colombini took over the Fattoria del Colle, in 1998, the wine’s name was changed to “Rosa di tetto”, inspired by three very old climbing roses on the façade of the 16th century villa and the chapel.

• Grape variet: Sangiovese
• Colour: brilliant pink
• Aroma: ethereal, distinct, fragrant, very fine, floral, with net hints of green apple
• Taste: dry but soft, with a nice body, hints of berries such as bilberries and raspberries
• Serve at 10-12°C

Food Sampling

Occelli al Pepe nero e Bacche rosa

Produced from sheep’s and cow’s milk, Occelli al Pepe Nero e Bache Rosa ages for at least four months in the cellars of Valcasotto where it matures on boards of wood of this valley. In the body, grains of black and pink pepper enrich the range of its flavours and aromas

Blue Cheese all’Arancia. La Tosi

Roast Beef di Fassona. Oberto