South Africa Day

Event Date: Saturday, 24th September 2022 - Saturday, 24th September 2022
Start Time: 11:00 AM | End Time: 10:00 PM

“Ons gaan nou Braai”

The braai, an essential part of South African culture, bringing family and friends together.

We’re celebrating South Africa Day on the so-called National Braai Day. It’s a moment to come together to indulge in this traditional barbecue (but it’s so much more than that) featuring local delicacies such as boerewors, biltong and droëwors, while washing it all down with Meerendal Wine from Western Cape.

You cannot miss out the Rugby Game of South Africa vs Argentina, a highly popular team sport, widely played all over the country. This is all about a ‘celebration of the nation’, and we want to be part of this!
Date: Saturday, 24th September
Time: 11AM onwards

Venue: Vini e Capricci Outdoor Area

Meerendal Wine Tasting | South African Food Stalls | À la Carte Specialities (Booking is recommended) | Rugby Game (Booking is recommended should you wish to be seated)