Meet the Artists of STAMPA Exhibition | Pawl Carbonaro, Lino Borg, Justin Falzon and Jesmond Vassallo

Event Date: Friday, 22nd April 2022 - Friday, 22nd April 2022
Start Time: 07:30 PM | End Time: 09:30 PM

STAMPA is a collective exhibition dedicated to original printmaking. A collaboration between Pawl Carbonaro, Lino Borg, Justin Falzon, and Jesmond Vassallo, the event brings together the narrative, ideas, and experiences of each artist through a collection of original prints made with two distinct techniques: intaglio and stone lithography.

The intaglio techniques seen here include aquatint, dry-point, etching, and soft-ground; while the lithographic techniques used are tusche and crayon. Despite these being traditional techniques that have been used for centuries, the artists have masterfully used and adapted them to their contemporary ideas.

STAMPA will be open till 3rd May, 2022.