Bending the Multiverse by G. Luigi Rossi

Event Date: Saturday, 4th June 2022 - Saturday, 4th June 2022

This exhibition, created over 8 months at Aldabra Atelier 2, releases selected works by German artist G.Luigi Rossi.

The artist re-enters, re-considers and re-positions his perception on some, for him, inspirational masterpieces written by Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert and JJ.Abrams.

Acoustically surrounded by multiple compositions of the late Klaus Schulze, the artist also created some oversized works. Once more, imagining a screen, like at the movies, on which Rossi transfers his perceptions, senses, and moods.

These artworks are directly relatable to his -From Hesse to Asimov- which was released in 2016 as part of The Giants collection.

“All painted works are created on canvas with Kata4art acrylics. I am thankful to Kata4art production, I candidly requested 3 different specific formulations for the occasion, and in very short time they got approved and supplied, for which I am extremely grateful. Won’t exclude that Bending the Multiverse could also represent a turning point for my future works”, the artist said.

Two standalone vertical compositions will also be on display this exhibition.

“To push boundaries you need support. These are the my pieces that required most effort and patience from the technical partners of AMA associates. But it was a fulfilling journey as it gave us a lot of experience and know-how”, Rossi concluded.