È La Notte del Tartufo Bianco d’Alba e Festa di Grandi Vini Piemontesi

With the arrival of the Festive Season a mere month away, but also as a celebration of the conclusion of another year, we are hosting an 8-course symphony of gastronomic art, dedicated to the precious Tartufo Bianco and Vini del Piemonte.

Experience the Alba White Truffle, specially flown-in directly from Piedmont for an elevated seasonally-inspired dinner.

Date: Saturday, 3rd December 2022
Time: 7:30PM
Venue: Vini e Capricci, Gozo
Price: €150 per head

Kindly let us know in advance, should you have any food allergies or special dietary needs.

La Festa della Pasta con Rustichella d’Abruzzo

The people behind Rustichella d’Abruzzo are visiting the Maltese Islands, needless to say this weekend will call for pasta – and lots of it.

Guests have a chance to experience a carefully curated four-course pasta supper – yes, you heard it right, and that means even dessert.

With good food, belongs good wine, so enjoy a glass of vino as you tuck in.

In addition to this, the team will present demos around pasta and product tastings. As we like to say, you’re in for a gastronomic experience.

Here’s the schedule for this weekend:

Friday, 18th November
7:30PM | Pasta & Wine Supper
Advanced reservations are required for this experience

Saturday, 19th November
10:30AM onwards | Pasta Cooking Demo & Tasting, Panettone Salato Tasting, Launch of new line of Mediterranean Sauces for Vegetarians and Vegans

Ti aspettiamo!

Post-Opera Dinner

“Not many European cities can boast to having one opera house – but to have two in one street is quite a feat”

A beautifully crafted menu for a Post-Opera Dinner at €55 per head

Carmen | Teatru Astra | 29th October 2022 

Strictly by reservation.


+356 2156 3231

Post-Opera Dinner

“Not many European cities can boast to having one opera house – but to have two in one street is quite a feat”

A beautifully crafted menu for a Post-Opera Dinner at €55 per head

AIDA | Teatru Aurora | 15th October 2022
Carmen | Teatru Astra | 27th & 29th October 2022 (Menu will follow)

Strictly by reservation.


+356 2156 3231

FULLY BOOKED | Una Notte tra le Stelle

Culinary crossover, ingenuity, talent, ingredients quality, harmony of flavours, mastery of techniques.

Bringing the Michelin Ristorante La Bandiera Kitchen from Abruzzo to your table with a Menu that deeply respects the generous land and follows the rhythm of the seasons by the stellar Chefs Marcello and Mattia Spadone (father and son).

When: Saturday, 5th November 2022 at 7:30PM
Where: Vini e Capricci Venue Suite, Gozo

Book your experience.

T: +356 2156 3231
E: viniecapricci@abrahams.com.mt

FULLY BOOKED | Champagne Devaux Masterclass Dégustation

Join us for an ultimate Master Class Experience, led by Jean-Noël Girard, Export Director at Champagne Devaux as we introduce this Champagne House to our Cantina.

A unique opportunity to learn more about this prestigious Champagne paired with a Dégustation Menu prepared by our Kitchen brigade.

– Cuvée Grande Réserve Brut
Prosciutto San Daniele D.O.P. and Parmigiano Reggiano 18 Months Aged

– Cuvée Rosée
Lampuki and Raspberry Tartare

– Cœur des Bar Blanc de Blancs
Focaccia di Cinta Senese with Piedmont Hazelnut and Honey

– Cœur des Bar Blanc de Noirs
Chicken Filo with Mushrooms and Mustard Purée

– 2009 D Millésimé Brut
Pan-Seared Duck with Pear Sauce

Price: €75 per head

For further assistance, or for any food allergy or special dietary requirement notice, kindly send an email to viniecapricci@abrahams.com.mt.

Introducing Jura Wines – Domaine des Carlines

Please join us in welcoming Jura Wine at Vini e Capricci as we dive deep into Domaine des Carlines

We will also have the opportunity to welcome Patrick and Sophie Ligeron in the Island of Gozo.

Date: Friday, 22nd July, 2022
Time: 7:30PM
Venue: Vini e Capricci Outdoor Area
Price: €50 per head

For any questions you may have, kindly send an email to viniecapricci@abrahams.com.mt or call on +356 21563231


Domaine des Carlines is located in the tiny village of Menétru-le Vignoble, part of the “Château Chalon” appellation.

This has been created by Patrick and Sophie Ligeron in 2015, when an opportunity to take over the renting of 5 hectares of vines came up.

Patrick Ligeron being born in Jura and, with his wife Sophie, being in the wine business for a long time, they both have been looking for an opportunity to create their own Domaine in Jura for years and it finally paid off.

The Domaine is set on the best parcels from the Château Chalon appellation, spread over the 3 villages of Château-Chalon, Menétru-le Vignoble and Domblans. The Vineyard has expanded in 2018 with the acquisition of a further 6 hectares bringing the Domaine to a surface area of 11hactares. The domain owns now 10% of the total appellation of Château-Chalon, which is exceptional. The vines are between 30 to 45 years old and in perfect condition.

The vineyard is conducted into a sustainable process with the target to convert into an organic process in few years’ time. The choice has been made to maintain grass plots to avoid herbicides.

Evviva Wine & Dine Festival in collaboration with Xewkija Local Council

Living for these summer days and summer nights!

We are delighted to be collaborating with Xewkija Local Council for this year’s edition of Evviva Wine & Dine Festival, on Saturday, 2nd July, featuring food and wine stalls, dinner set menu, live music and more.

P.S. You can get your table booked in advance – the evening menu can be found below.

Bending the Multiverse by G. Luigi Rossi

This exhibition, created over 8 months at Aldabra Atelier 2, releases selected works by German artist G.Luigi Rossi.

The artist re-enters, re-considers and re-positions his perception on some, for him, inspirational masterpieces written by Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert and JJ.Abrams.

Acoustically surrounded by multiple compositions of the late Klaus Schulze, the artist also created some oversized works. Once more, imagining a screen, like at the movies, on which Rossi transfers his perceptions, senses, and moods.

These artworks are directly relatable to his -From Hesse to Asimov- which was released in 2016 as part of The Giants collection.

“All painted works are created on canvas with Kata4art acrylics. I am thankful to Kata4art production, I candidly requested 3 different specific formulations for the occasion, and in very short time they got approved and supplied, for which I am extremely grateful. Won’t exclude that Bending the Multiverse could also represent a turning point for my future works”, the artist said.

Two standalone vertical compositions will also be on display this exhibition.

“To push boundaries you need support. These are the my pieces that required most effort and patience from the technical partners of AMA associates. But it was a fulfilling journey as it gave us a lot of experience and know-how”, Rossi concluded.

Quinta do Crasto Master Class | FULLY BOOKED

Located in Portugal’s northern region, the Douro Valley is among the most treasured wine areas in the world. Its wine selection has even earned it the title of a UNESCO World Heritage Region.

Situated on the right bank of the Douro River, between Régua and Pinhão, Quinta do Crasto is a 135-hectare estate with 74 hectares of vineyards. The property enjoys a privileged location within the Douro Demarcated Region and dates far back in time (the name Crasto comes from the Latin word “castrum” referring to a “Roman fort”).

Hosted by our Sommelier and Wine Consultant Fabien Etienne, together with Mr. Pedro Guedes de Almeida, Sales Director at Quinta do Crasto, discover the exciting treasure trove of unique wines and grape varieties.

2019 Quinta do Crasto Flor De Crasto White

2020 Quinta do Crasto Crasto White

2019 Crasto Altitude 430

2019 Quinta do Crasto Crasto Red

2017 Quinta do Crasto Reserva Old Vines

Date: Friday, 3rd June, 2022
Time: 7:30PM
Price: €40 per head

Nibbles are served during the Class, and Centocinquanta Platter will follow afterwards.

For any questions you may have, kindly send an email to viniecapricci@abrahams.com.mt or call on +356 21563231

Quinta do Crasto Wine Pairing Dinner at Lovage Bistro

We are excited to collaborate with Lovage Bistro for a Quinta do Crasto Wine Pairing Event, on the occasion of Mr. Pedro Guedes de Almeida, Sales Director of the aforementioned winery visit in the Maltese Islands.

Check out the Menu below and reserve your table on:
t: 7959 4098
e: info@lovagebistro.com

Click here for further information.

Meet the Artists of STAMPA Exhibition | Pawl Carbonaro, Lino Borg, Justin Falzon and Jesmond Vassallo

STAMPA is a collective exhibition dedicated to original printmaking. A collaboration between Pawl Carbonaro, Lino Borg, Justin Falzon, and Jesmond Vassallo, the event brings together the narrative, ideas, and experiences of each artist through a collection of original prints made with two distinct techniques: intaglio and stone lithography.

The intaglio techniques seen here include aquatint, dry-point, etching, and soft-ground; while the lithographic techniques used are tusche and crayon. Despite these being traditional techniques that have been used for centuries, the artists have masterfully used and adapted them to their contemporary ideas.

STAMPA will be open till 3rd May, 2022.

Launch of Bdesign & Lifestyle at Vini e Capricci

Explore Bea’s Collection of handmade home and lifestyle accessories, and get the chance to order your custom gifts directly, this Saturday, 23rd April during a Meet & Greet Event at Vini e Capricci.

As both an Interior Designer and now, product designer, Beatrice devotes her attention to every phase and detail of the design process. With her main objective being trendy but functional beautiful, 2 years ago Bea designed her first branded and handmade items. From there the ideas kept coming, and Bea now proudly has a variety of handmade products ranging from fabric bread baskets, table runners, to trivets and wine stoppers.

P.S. You can benefit from 15% discount on any of Bea’s products ordered during the event. Get in touch to RSVP

📍 Vini e Capricci Venue Suite
📅 Saturday, 23rd April 2022
🕒 From 10:30 AM till 4:30PM

Ferraton Père & Fils Master Class | FULLY BOOKED

The Rhône Valley; a land of rich, powerful wine, history and terroir 🍇

Savour outstanding wines from Ferraton Père & Fils, winery rooted at the heart of Hermitage, under the expertise of our International Awarded French Sommelier and Wine Consultant Fabien Etienne and Pierre Robin, Brand Ambassador of the aforementioned Winery.

Wine Lineup

➡️ Crozes-Hermitage Blanc ‘La Matinière’

➡️ Condrieu ‘Les Mandouls’

➡️ Gigondas ‘Les Murailles’

➡️ Côte-Rôtie L’Eglantine

➡️ Cornas Patou

Price: €35 per head

Nibbles are served during the Class, and Centocinquanta Platter will follow afterwards.

For any questions you may have, kindly send an email to viniecapricci@abrahams.com.mt or call on +356 21563231