Gianfranco Berta Lounge

As you walk into our Lounge; it’s like stepping into a grand archive or a master library of spirits and liquor. You will instantly appreciate and acknowledge the years spent by master distillers honing and perfecting their craft – enabling us to bring you our extensive selection of artisan alcohol. Our spirits have all been specifically chosen because of their taste, rarity or unusual distillation technique, creating a distinct highly sought after taste.

Our Lounge is home to over 300 different spirits. We have a great range of Whiskey, Grappa, Cognac, Armagnacs and Rums and an interesting selection of direct imported Gins; including an aged gin matured in cherry casks. We also sell Vodka, Brandy, Tequila and rare drinks sourced from all over the world. So, if you’d like to update or extend your alcohol collection this is the right place.

Our Whiskey range includes 60 or more different types including: Scottish, Irish, American and the highly desirable but hard to source Japanese Whiskey. Whether you are partial to peated, sweet, smokey or blended whiskey – we will definitely have liquors to suit your palate and preference.

We are hugely proud of our extensive Grappa collection (an amazing liquor made from grape must, aged in barrels) which has taken years for us to collect.

This is a unique location where you can taste the mastery, toil and talent of experienced distillers worldwide.