Whoever said Valentine’s day is only for lovers? Our ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Friends

Well, you already know just how a valuable good friend is.

You might have your person, but then you have your girls, your ride-or-dies…celebrating your friends who support you no matter what, and have your back beyond February 14.

That is why we’ve rounded up the best ideas for what to do with your friends during Galentine or Valentine’s Weekend.

  • Afternoon Tea

What about a decadently sweet afternoon party, with a little chit chat over a fragrant cup of tea. A perfect way to catch up with friends, because pretty is what we need for the celebration of love.

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  • An experience in our Cantina Michele Chiarlo

Whether you are a wine connoisseur looking to find that perfect bottle, or wine curious wanting to learn more, recruit your foodie friends for a night of culinary exploration, and beyond a seriously good dining experience, raise a glass to one another and mingle.

Dive in with gusto and enjoy our selection of seasonal produce.

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  • Aperitivo Flair

The tradition of Italian Aperitivo is by its very nature, a civilized affair. Light drinks, lively, artful nibbly bites, a stimulation, both socially and to one’s appetite.

A handsome array of ‘cicchetti’ affair (antipasti or side dishes ideal to share) which can be enjoyed throughout the day, over a few glasses of vino, classic favorites or cocktails with a twist!

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  • The Art of Giving

You might consider sending them a thoughtful gift containing a few of their favorite things. overflowing with the finest gourmet delicacies, love and care. We deliver to the doorstep.

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Keep the guest list to the people with whom you’ve been sharing your social distancing bubble.

After all, spending Valentine’s week with friends, ensures that you’re spending time with those you love and that’s one of the best things to do. Say it loud, say it proud!

Latest Covid-19 measures in place.