Agnolotti with Sage and Occelli® Burro

A great classic of Piedmontese cuisine. To obtain a good result, however, you need top quality ingredients: excellent agnolotti, fresh sage and of course Occelli® butter!

500 g of agnolotti
125 g of Occelli® butter
6 sage leaves
Grated Grana Padano to taste
Salt to taste.

Pour a lot of water into the pot in which you will cook the agnolotti and put it on the stove.

Meanwhile, prepare the sage leaves. Wash them and chop them coarsely. When the water starts to boil, add salt and add the agnolotti.

When they are almost ready, melt the Occelli® butter in a large pan, also adding the chopped sage.

Drain the agnolotti and transfer them to the saucepan; sauté them quickly and let them flavor well, stirring.

Serve immediately, completing each dish with a sprinkle of grated Grana Padano.