Distillerie Berta

Four generations for grappa, four generations to get to create the modern distillery of Berta Roccanivo in Casalotto Mombaruzzo, four generations beginning July 11, 1866 with the birth of Francesco Berta.
It was the time, that, when Rome was not yet the capital, where the Expedition of the Thousand had just ended and Vittorio Emanuele II was still our king. It was a time of simplicity and rural life, sacrifice and respect for traditions.
Francesco Berta, as in all farming families worked since childhood in the vineyards and in the cellar, and with foresight and daring, grown just looks around looking for customers to sell its product. At twenty-two he married Erminia Barbero and from their union were born in 1889 and in 1905 John Michael. In accordance with the tradition of the time, which advised not to divide the property, Francis decides to entrust to his eldest son John the work he has undertaken, while Michael decides to prepare a farmaceutica.Negli thirties, then, Michele opened a pharmacy in Milan , while John continues his father’s work, which will be continued and expanded by his son, Paul, had with his wife Pauline, who founded in 1947 the first distillery in Nizza Monferrato.